The web based syslog
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15 lines

  1. # create the following three mysql users:
  2. # used by syslog-ng for inserting new data, referenced in /etc/syslog-ng/conf.d/08newlogsql.conf
  3. GRANT INSERT,SELECT,UPDATE ON logger.* TO logger@localhost IDENTIFIED BY 'xxx';
  4. # used by the web gui for normal viewing, referenced in inc/config_class.php
  5. GRANT SELECT ON logger.* TO logviewer@localhost IDENTIFIED BY 'xxx';
  6. # used by clean up cron job and for archiving, referenced in inc/adminconfig_class.php
  7. GRANT SELECT,UPDATE,DELETE ON logger.* TO loggeradmin@localhost IDENTIFIED BY 'xxx';
  8. GRANT SELECT,INSERT ON TABLE `logger`.`servers` TO 'loggeradmin'@'localhost';
  9. # activate changes
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